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The yoga

I teach a number of different styles of yoga, and I love them all! I believe a variety of styles and types of movement in general is really good for you, and I enjoy teaching all of these at different times. Here is a little more information about my various classes.

Flow yoga

Within flow yoga, I teach slow flow and also dynamic flow. Both of these focus on movement of the body through sequences and postures that work together to open up parts or all of the body. The can involve shorter holds of postures, with some longer holds incorporated. Movement and feeling into the body is something that really fascinates me, and sometimes my classes can be quite playful. As with all of my classes, I find a focus on the breath to be very important in flow classes, as well as a full body awareness and understanding of correct alignment for you as an individual. My slow flow classes are juicy and make you feel deep into your body, and my dynamic classes will leave you exhilarated and a little bit sweaty! 

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Power yoga

Power yoga is a love/hate thing for many people - including me! There's always a point in the class where you hate it, but by the end and after you love it again. It is a more energetic form of yoga, and can be seen as more of a workout in regards to fitness - you often do reps and faster movements, and there is always a core section in my classes. It is designed to make you move, make you feel the muscles in your body working hard, and leave you feeling worked out but energised. I still always come back to the essence of yoga, but I also have a little fun with it and play music to get you going.

Yin yoga

Yin was a style of yoga I discovered just before I did my initial training, when I was burnt out and exhausted. From my very first class I loved it, and was so excited to do my training as my knowledge got so much deeper and my love got stronger. As a style, yin differs to what you imagine when you think of yoga. It involves long holds of 3-10 minutes (all floor-based postures), and in each pose you are fully supported by blocks, bolsters, blankets and anything else you can find. It is designed to work below the muscles into the fascia and connective tissue, and works to unravel tightness that lies further within the body.In working down that far, it ultimately allows the muscles to also unravel. It's also a great chance to let your mind rest as well as your body, and it often allows you to go into a meditative state.

Yin has roots based in Chinese medicine, more specifically it centres around the meridians in the body. Each class is designed to work through not only the movements of the spine, but also often into specific meridian lines that relate to your organs. It works to create free pathways for the energy flow (chi) through the body, and helps to relieve any physical illnesses and also emotional blockages that relate to the meridians. An hour of yin will leave you feeling completely blissed out - totally relaxed and often a little bit spaced out!

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Yin yang flow

Yin yang flow is a class that allows you to find balance through the body and the mind. Combining a slow, delicious flow with a shorter yin practice, it allows the body to move and also find stillness - working into both the muscles and much deeper. Yin and yang are the two ends of the spectrum, and together they created a whole. To me, this means that having both of these in one class tends to all the needs your body and mind need, and allows you to leave feeling refreshed and replenished.

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