“Hayley is a great yoga teacher, making classes suitable for different levels, and keeping classes interesting and varied.”

—    Rachel, office worker and former regular student

“Hayley is a very considerate and caring yoga instructor. She is very attentive to her students, gently correcting positions when necessary to really help us get the most out of our practices. Even though I have very little yoga experience, I never felt insecure or embarrassed for not being an expert because she gave us several options to take poses from basic to more advanced. She really made me feel like yoga is an accessible form of physical and mental fitness that anyone can do.”

—    Caitlin, teacher

“Hayley is a fantastic yogi, her classes offer not just physical but mental and spiritual benefits too. I’ve done classes in Ubud, Thailand and Vietnam and think hers just might be my favourite.”

—    Ketan, office worker



"I've dipped in & out of yoga for may years but never really got fully into it. I started going to regular classes in October last year but was struggling with understanding how my body should feel in some of the positions so I booked a place on a workshop at my local studio to improve my technique. That's where I met Hayley.

I loved that Hayley was unintimidating, all about alignment & breathing - everything I struggle with! On the back of this workshop I booked a place on Hayley's  "Recharge  & Restore" retreat in Morocco.  Having not been on a yoga retreat or to Morocco before I had no idea what to expect.

Hayley had really thought the week through with a programme for each day. Adapting early starts  & evening classes to the weather/heat, she mixed up the different yoga techniques so we got a real variation with expert instruction. She happily connected with individuals, realigning techniques and importantly really understanding how you might be feeling, physically & emotionally in the different positions throughout the week. Hayley really lives, breathes & feels yoga in a very honest, unpretentious way.

The week was fab... lots of yoga, lots of relaxation, lot of laughs, lots of sun, lots of food and overall a really great experience. Thanks so much Hayley."

- Hayley, office worker (Morocco retreat 2018)