Wellness is such an important part of life now, no matter what your vocation or lifestyle is. For so many people, their days are spent rushing around or focusing on things that are big parts of their lives, without remembering to spend time on themselves. And this is true both in, and out, of the workplace.

Sometimes, one short yoga session isn’t enough. Some people would never think to sign up for a yoga class or take an hour out to relax and slow down.

Companies are starting to realise that if their staff took some time to relax, de-stress and think about their wellbeing, they would perform better at work and the whole working environment would be more positive.


What I offer:

I work with organisations to bring half or full day ‘mini-retreats’ to their staff. These are designed to give people a chance to reconnect with themselves, and with the people they work with. As part of the offering, there could be:

Yoga 01.2018-2191.jpg

·      yoga class(es) 

·      guided meditation

·      discussions around mindfulness, wellbeing and taking care of yourself

·      team building sections

·      techniques to deal with stress

There are also options to bring in a chef to provide nutritious food and snacks, for extra materials outside of the day to be provided, and for additional activities to be introduced.

I work with companies to create individual programmes to suit their needs, based on the length of the overall session and the needs of the staff. We will work alongside the company’s goals for wellbeing with their staff, and work within any brand guidelines if needed. I can bring these sessions to the workplace if there is a suitable space, or we can look to take this out of the office to create a peaceful environment away from work stress. There is also an opportunity to schedule multiple sessions across a number of months, or to have these as one-off sessions.


Why work with me?

Before training as a yoga teacher, I spent many years working in office environments: I understand the difficulties organisations face with work stress and illness, and understand as a worker the pressures you are under in and out of work. I still work in this environment and see the problems everyone faces, and can identify where I could make a difference working with companies.

I believe that there is so much that can be gained from understanding how to deal with stress through meditation and yoga, and have experienced first hand how learning various techniques and taking some time out of busy schedules can bring about a real difference to an individual. My ethos is all around getting the most out of people and helping people to create a calmer and more relaxed peace of mind.


For more information on creating packages and pricing, please get in touch!